Teaching after the Internet

When I went to school, the lecture of the moment conveyed content we were expected to understand,  write about and be tested on.  But in the age of internet, content in every subject field can be accessed from multiple sources with a keyword or two.  Given a Curriculum Outline, a decent search engine will offer virtually unlimited substantive details and readings. Content, i.e., cognitive knowledge, is  available worldwide.   In many colleges Home Schooling techniques have been expanded to campus schooling.  You can even take tests on websites with starting times, and due date times specified. And the professor can make notes like cartoon characters speaking in balloons.

So the teacher as lecturer really isn’t relevant in the way it used to be. The roles of teachers have been fundamentally transformed. How we learned as students and how we now must teach are no longer the same.  If students will be expected to attend classes, we must make these changes. Otherwise, why should they?

Suppose we live in an age when the lectures of the teacher/professor are probably not the most current and updated info on any topic. How would this change the methodology and learning practices? Think about it. Comments welcome.

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