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Wherever we live, wherever we are, there are wondrous and varied resources for learning. I would like to say to Structuring Professionals, that is, the people who set up our schools, come to know these in your area and see if you can integrate them in some fashion into your school’s schedule — perhaps on an irregular but persistent basis. Or say on fridays.

Historical: I saw the Bank where the Jessie James gang met their match and the bullets were still in the walls.

I saw where the books of the Jewish authors were burned.

I touched the Statue of Liberty.

Artistic: I looked thru a peep hole designed by a modern painter of distinction.

I viewed an image of baby Jesus as all-knowing.

Raised on Broadway theatre; took my first date to Raisin in the Sun.

Scenic: A Rose garden on the Mississippi

The oldest community garden in our area

The Golden Gate Bridge

Innesfree, a cup garden in NY

A Rail Trail

A bird sanctuary

A mushroom walk

Ocean life off an Island’s shores

The dessert blooming after a heavy rain

The winds on the top of Mt. Washington

Architectural: Cubes for living in Amsterdam

a Frank Lloyd Wright house

The stone houses of settlers in New Paltz

There are sites for learning everywhere, in an unusual garden, art, antiques and interior designs — some in people’s homes. I saw a handmade bluestone wall the other day with rocks laid vertically and horizontally and gently rising and falling to correspond with the landscape.

These and many other opportunities offer more than we take advantage of in our learning centers. So how about making your own list and actually finding a way to take your kids there?

That way when we turn them on to travel, and when we let them loose to try their own trips, they have some clues to get started with. Those with “means” have been doing this for centuries and people too desperate to stay where they are travel as well, but the rest of us may only be just beginning to work it out.

We live in an international world on a truly amazing planet.

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