Is an art.

Each person has his or her own verse.

When it turns into stand up, you better be a good comedian or a good musician or a good President. If you drone on, the listener tunes out.

Ongoing uninspired oratory is among the most difficult and frustrating sound to put up with, whether on TV or in the classroom.

Are you in the habit of asking elaborative questions to further clarify what the speaker meant, or is it more important to you that you take the floor?

The latter is said to be particularly evident when a man and a woman are talking to one another.

Cell phone conversation can be quick and pointed but it is often trivial. There is very little time to consider and perfect the wording of an idea or add depth to the discussion. Check out the last time you had such a conversation and if anything of substance was said?

Meanwhile letter writers had time to think about an idea and draft a proposal or print it in a newsletter. I guess that’s why blogging interests me.

Social media is neither social in the true sense nor vibrant and vital most of the time.

Do emojis substitute for feeling tone? Maybe. Though probably not so dimensionally as say a sketch or cartoon.

Shall we converse? What would it take for this blog to be a conversation between persons offering ideas on possible educational practice?

Some readers have pointed out that they have tried to offer more elaborate replies only to have had them disappear from the comment page. I”m working on that. The alternative appears to be a forum. HMM.

Whatcha think?

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