MT sayings

Participation engenders responsibility

Take responsibility for your actions. All of us, all the time. This is not about guilt or condemnation, but about giving life our best try. And so we invited all of our students to participate in whatever ways they felt comfortable and a few they did not.

Interruptions come first

This is a curious one as I cannot truly explain how or why it works. But I think if you try it in real life, you’d be surprised by the results.

There is only the here and the now

Overstated maybe, but here and now travels with us until it doesn’t. And in the now we can act. And thus this blog.

How do you feel about that? (This often had to be repeated until feelings were voiced.)

I had trouble with this one. I had read Jung a lot. . . I feel that that is true, is more or less how he phrased it. . But the emotive feelings not directly expressed alters what is really going on in a conversation. And this is what we meant.

Avoid high level abstractions. You know, the big ambiguous words that sound like they mean something but often do not.

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