The Google Dilemma

So many of this blog’s followers have written that it makes no sense that we are so far down the list of googles preferred blog sites on education. Why, they ask, is it still so hard to find teachers on the list rankings. To tell the truth Bing notwithstanding Google has always been my favorite blog, and I have given it special attention.

I tried many ways to make contact. I wondered what algorithm I was failing to meet? After 2500 comments with overwhelmingly positive responses I had made no progress. Alas I could find no path to actually speak to a google representative or even to write to them.

Imagine my surprise when a couple of days ago I heard a Senator in a Washington investigation asking the google rep if they had any system in place to reconsider decisions they made in regard to users if the user complained about their treatment. Oh yes, he said we do. Do you know how it works? We refer the matter to a special committee who reexamines our decision. ahha…right. If there is a special committee out there, I would appreciate an email.

My suggestion is that they create a customer service number that enables users to talk to them directly. Something like apple does for example.

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